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Welldent now allow wisdom tooth extraction to be gentle, comfortable and easy for the patient. When you hear you have to have your wisdom teeth taken out, it doesn’t sound like good news. We offer wisdom teeth removal for patients of all ages. Better yet when you have your wisdom teeth removed at Welldent you will be treated by an expert oral surgeon who understands the leading-edge technology that makes the procedure comfortable and easy for you.

Why wisdom teeth are removed in most cases?

Most adults already have a full complement of teeth by the time wisdom teeth grow in. This results in a situation where there is not much room left in the dental arch to allow for 4 more large teeth to grow into a healthy position and alignment.

The wisdom teeth begin to erupt and are blocked by the back molars or the jaw or both. When the erupting wisdom teeth encounter these blocks or barriers, the wisdom teeth get trapped in an awkward position (sometimes called impacted). They put pressure on the tooth/jaw barriers causing damage to these otherwise healthy structures. The tooth position may also results in inability to clean the surrounding area of wisdom tooth with tooth brush, floss or water flosser. These unreachable areas become safe havens for toxic bacteria to breed. These colonies of bad bacteria turn into a chronic infection causing tooth decay and gum disease.

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