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Dental decay is long been proven to be a bacterial infection.

Earlier the removal of caries is based on removal of extensive tooth structure and filling with available non-adhesive materials. This makes the tooth weak n brittle. This is still performed in dentistry every day.

With the advent of technology and bio-material science, decay is VISUALISE under magnification that is DENTAL OPERATING MICROSCOPE, tooth structure is MINIMALLY removed and RESTORED with adhesive materials available now a days. This keeps maximum of natural tooth structure available for function.

With minimally invasive approach, we can

  • Reduce bacterial infection
  • Re-mineralize the tooth structure as detection is possible in early reversible stage of decay with dental operating microscope.
  • Can prevent further decays.
  • Minimal removal of tooth structure, hence stronger teeth with stronger natural tooth structure.
  • Repair old failing restorations.


We, at WELLDENT follow, the four core principles of MID,

1. Recognition: To identify and assess any potential caries risk factors early, through complete history and inspection by microscope.

2. Reduction: To eliminate or minimize caries risk factors, through reducing the intake of dietary cariogenic foods, altering fluid balance, addressing lifestyle habits such as smoking, and increasing the pH of the oral environment.

3. Regeneration: To arrest and reverse early stages of decay, regenerating enamel below these SPOT like decays and stoping root decay using appropriate topical agents including fluorides and casein phosphopeptides-amorphous calcium phosphates (CPPACP).

4. Repairs: When decay is more with presence of cavity, removal of infected tooth structure is required, as much as possible of the tooth structure is maintained by using conservative approaches to caries removal. Adhesive and Bioactive materials are used to restore the tooth and promote internal healing of the tooth.

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